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ASP Victorian State championships

Australian Saddle Pony Association and Dilutes Australia Ltd.
Another Show done and dusted.
Congratulations to all exhibitors and we hope that you enjoyed the day. This show was put on for you our members and we do focus on the children of the society as they are our future. If you have any suggestions to improve the show please PM me as always happy for suggestions, and I can run them by the National committees.
Where you happy with less rings this show. Where you happy with the prizes (any suggestion for prizes (please note I only had 4 weeks to organise this one) Do you want any other classes added or deleted?
The next one is planned in early October (Just need to finalize date). If you have any friends to assist on show day stewarding etc that would be great.
I do need to thanks people behind the scenes: The National Associations (Australian Saddle pony and Dilutes Australia), Kristy Thompson for assisting with the catering, Making salads etc. , Slices from Alannah and Robyn Burns, Wendy Leach, Muffins from Helen Tracy, Silverside from Kim Humphreys. Hope I didn’t miss any catering assistants. Our photographer’s Wentworth and Lorraine Mitchell. My family for assisting with set up, organizing boxes, food, sound gear and the list goes on. Alannah and myself it took a day to sort ribbons, sashes etc. My husband who did the PA , packed, unpacked, entertained competitors. Special thankyou to our judges and stewards. Two of our stewards travelled a long way to assist on the day to make it easier running for you on the day.Lastly to all our sponsors without you all this show wouldn't go ahead. I hope our members that won prizes sent personal thankyous.
I will post some photos from Wentworth later and he would love a donation if you would like them emailed. Lorraine Mitchell has taken beautiful photos and I know lots have been purchased already, Please support her as she has agreed to come back in October 2021. Please forward your photos so that I can add to this post. Special thankyou to two lovely girls with the Joanne Deane camp who came and assisted with packing chairs.
If you would like to run the show happy to hand over the boxes and assist you behind the scenes. I love seeing children smiling at these shows so will always be happy to assist.









Australian Saddle Pony Victorian Championships 2021

Entry Form

April 18th 2021

Entries Close: 7/04/2021

Judges: Ashleigh Glasscott and Andrew James


COVID-OCTOBER 2020-Postponed


  • October 27th 2019

  • Tatura Equestrian Centre

Australian Saddle Pony Victorian championships 2019











Australian Saddle Pony Victorian championships 2019

Entry form

Entries close 18th October 2019

email aspa.victoria@ausequine.com


Run in conjunction with Dilutes Australia Ltd Victorian Championships 2019

Ring 1: Closed to DA Ltd registered horses and members

Ring 2: open to all dilute registries and open classes for all breeds

Dilutes program 2019


Our wonderful Sponsors: Please remember to thank them all. As they allow us to run this show.




The venue has been booked for the ASP Victorian Championships


Australian Saddle Pony Association-Victorian Championships 2018-Major winners

Australian Saddle Pony Association-Victorian Championships 2018-Full Results

If you get photos please send them to include onto web site

Photographer: Beauty and The Huntress

  • Keep the date: October 28th 2018

  • Tatura Equestrian Centre

Australian Saddle Pony Victorian championships 2018

stable booking form

Entry form

Entries close 12th October 2018

email aspa.victoria@ausequine.com





Australian Saddle Pony Association-Victorian Championships 2017-Major winners


Australian Saddle Pony Association-Victorian Championships 2017-Full Results


photo credit: Melissa Hogg



2017 ASPA Victorian Championships

29th October-Tatura Equestrian Centre

Entry Form

Entries close 16th October 2017


Dilutes Australia Victoria Championships

Also APHA (Australian Palomino Horse Breeders Association)  and Victorian Pinto Society (VPS)  will be holding rings.

Please go to their web sites for programs.




2017 Summer Festival

entries close: 6th January 2017

Entry Form

JUDGE: Leeane Hestelow

2016 Victorian Saddle Pony Championships

Sunday, 23rd October 2016

Bendigo Equestrian Centre

219 Bendigo-Murchison Road, Goornong.


Photos taken by Melissa Hogg, Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/melissahoggphotography/?fref=ts




Program 2016

Entry Form


Entries close 9th October 2016.

Judges: Robert Day, Joe Bath and Arlene Meursing

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors.

More sponsorships available








2013, 2014 and 2015 results





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