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ASP Victorian Championships RESULTS

2015 ASP Victorian Championships RESULTS (5th December 2015)

Judges are:
Filipa Marshall
Monique Noble and
Jack Riedell

Photos from Kim Humphrey's and Marc Jones and Melissa Hogg.

Thank you to the National ASP and sponsors who allow us to have this show.
Congratulations to all competitors who allowed the show to run smoothly.
Special thanks to the judges who had lunch late to allow competitors to get classes over and go home, to escape the heat.
Special thanks to all stewards and people who helped behind the scenes and on the day.
Our upmost thanks goes to sponsors, please support these sponsors which allows us to continue to have wonderful prizes.
National ASPA, Omega Feeds, Kellie Mumford garlands, Al's PA, Fable Park, Bobby Hammet, Sharyn Mangan, Sharon Edwards, Kylie Place, Uhavta Stud, Linlea Stud, Donations, Jude Bode and Joanne Deane.
Thanks also to the National Buckskin Society for allowing us to share their showgrounds.

photo credit: Melissa Hogg

photo credit: Melissa Hogg

photo credit: Melissa Hogg



photo credit: Melissa Hogg

photo credit: Melissa Hogg

photo credit: Melissa Hogg

photo credit: Melissa Hogg


2014 ASPA Victorian championship RESULTS


National Buckskin All breeds show schedule.

Janelle Salway, Kelli-Anne Hancock and Kristen Cowdroy

Special thankyou to our judges and stewards. Without your help this show wouldn't run.

Thankyou also to our sponsors, these sponsors are vital for this show to continue.

Please remember to thank your sponsors for their contributions and gifts.













Janelle Salway
Kristen Cowdroy
Kelli-Anne Hancock


 2013 ASPA Victorian State Championship RESULTS Program

 2013 ASP Vic championships Photogallery one

Photo credit-Janice Woodward.-Click on links below






 2013 ASP Vic championships Photogallery part 2

Photo credit-Jodie Jone's son.-click on links below










The ASPA Victoria show has been run successfully for its second year. We thank competitors that travelled long distances to make this show a success. People travelled in excess of six hours to attend from SA and NSW. We thank all the Victorian members who attended. This show could not run without the generous support of sponsors. The sponsors assist to make this a friendly show that is aimed at children and encouraging them into the showing world. It was great seeing children smiling and loving getting a headstall, lead, stickers, tattooís , rulerís and two children at the end of the day two lucky children won a garland of flowers for best ASP child ridden exhibit, (Child under 12 years and the other 12-17 years).

A heartfelt thank you to sponsors


         Cherrie Mills


         Jodie Jones

         Murraygold-Managan family

         Uhavta-Mitton and Burns family

         Yarrumdoc stud-Lisa Gentle

         Thompson Family

         Hamlot Park-Bobby Hammet

         Kellie Mumford-Garlands

         Alís PA hire

Thank you to our judges that travelled-Christinne Stevenson,  Anne and Lisa McClealland and to our wonderful stewards, Vicki Lloyd, Maryjane Mitton, and Melissa Jackson. A big thank you to Nerida Corbett and Melissa for the prepration of the show and assisting on the day.  A big thankyou to Al Mitton and his mobile PA system it made it much easier to hear this year that last.

We welcomed new members who have already commented how they loved the show. One child did her rider class, and a lovely child member- Stacey McMasters said to her Mum , I have won a few things and she hasnít got anything yet. So she got a lead rope from her pile and gave it to the young member so that she also got to take a prize home. I think if there was a sportsmanship award Stacey would be a deserving winner.

We also need to thank the National Buckskin Society for allowing us to share their show. The oval look great with rings of Australian saddle ponies and also rings of Buckskin ponies. We also thank those members that  showed in both rings and especially thank members that stayed to compete the next say day to support the Buckskin All Breeds Show.

On a personal note I need to thank members who have supported us in running this show. I did miss my sister who had to take a horse to the races at Morphetville (who didnít like the hard track and is now spelling for the winter). A special thank you to Kyle Baboth and Alannah Burns for all there hard work on the day and a special thankyou to Al. He was much happier when the PA was set up and the gazeboís where put up for shade. We also thank Johno Burns for his generator which was fantastic and you could hardly here running.  It was also fantastic for the ASPA to allow for the hot weather and gave out free drinks to competitors at lunch and the afternoon. What a great gesture. Thank you to Neville Mangan for assisting with the pack up of the Gazeboís.

Congratulations to all exhibitors, your ponies looked wonderful, and we look forward to seeing you next year with more ponies competing.  Remember if you have a friend, partner that wants to assist on the day let us know. Need two more stewards, two more gazebos (shade for members) and people to assist setting up and packing up. Hopefully next year we will have an evening nibble and get together on either Friday or Saturday night at the show grounds.


ASPA photographers-Jodie Jones son-  (waiting for these to be sent) and Janice Woodward included below. Thank you both for standing out in the sun.


Also there are some photos on http://kellietroyphotography.fotomerchant.com

Congratulations to Lia Blackett who competed the second day and was Supreme led ASP exhibit. If you know who won the supreme ridden please send in your details.



 2012 ASPA Victorian State Championship RESULTS


Saturday: 1st December 2012

Bendigo Showgrounds




Denise McDonald

Jennifer Rathbone

Kay Mc Grath



Ring 1: Youngstock Classes-

Saddle Ponies 11hds ne 12.2hds


BEST CHILD HANDLER UNDER 13 yrs   Sash & Prize

Champion-Alannah Burns


Reserve Champion-Charlotte Richardson




Champion & Reserve Champion Filly


Champion-Koora-Lyn Fascination (Koora-Lyn Stud)


Reserve-Murraygold Jassmyn (Murraygold Stud)




Champion & Reserve Champion Led Mare 11hds ne 12.2hds


Champion -Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Murraygold Stud)


Reserve- Uhavta Royal Fairytale (Murraygold Stud)



Champion & Reserve Champion Led Gelding 11hds ne 12.2hd


Champion-Uhavta Royal Extravagance (Ford Family)


Reserve Champion: Palm Park Royal Acclaim (Cherie Mills)



Champion & Reserve Ridden Saddle Pony 11hds ne 12.2hds


Champion-Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Murraygold Stud)


Reserve- Uhavta Royal Extravagance (Ford Family)


Champion & Reserve Ridden Show Hunter over 13.2hds ne 14.2hds


Champion- Hawkesbury Park Poetry ( Kylie Place)





Champion-Tamika Merlo

Reserve champion: Charlotte Richardson





Ring 2 - Youngstock Classes

Saddle Ponies over 12.2hds ne 13.2hds


BEST CHILD HANDLER 13  & UNDER 17  Sash & Prize


Champion-Sheridan Hammet


Reserve champion-Zoe Lloyd



Champion & Reserve Led Colt


Champion-Uhavta Kensington (Uhavta Stud)




Champion & Reserve Champion Led Mare over 12.2hds not exceeding 13.2hds


Champion-Naruni Park Matisse (Jodie Jones)




Champion & Reserve Champion Led Gelding over 12.2hds ne 13.2hds


Champion -Leander Royal Endevour (June Bode)


Reserve champion- Brampton Jordayne (Kylie Place)



        Champion & Reserve Ridden Saddle Pony over 12.2hds ne 13.2hds 



Champion-Uhavta Head Over Heels (Uhavta Stud)


Reserve-Thorwood Meerkat (Cherie Mills)




Champion & Reserve Ridden Show Hunter  ne12.2hds 


Champion-Palm Park Royal Acclaim (Cherie Mills)


Reserve-Uhavta Royal Fairytale (Murraygold stud)






Champion-Indianna Shepherd


Reserve-Zoe Lloyd





Ring 3 -

Saddle Ponies over 13.2hds ne 14.2hds


Champion & Res. Led Stud Book Saddle Pony Exhibit (Champ eligible for either supreme youngstock or supreme senior led)Garland,Rug & $50.00



Champion-Hawkesbury Park Poetry (Kylie Place)


Reserve-Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Murraygold Stud)



Champion & Res. Champion Led Mare over 13.2hds ne 14.2hds


Champion-Merivale Park Spring



Champion & Reserve Champion Led Gelding over 13.2hds ne 14.2hds


Champion-Kolbeach Seasons (Patricia Annett)


Reserve-KB Forever (G+D Seipolt)



            Champion & Reserve Ridden Saddle Pony over 13.2hds ne 14.2hds


Champion-Hamlot Park Royal Quest (Bobby Hammet)


Reserve-Fable Park Keno (Kristy Thompson)






Champion &Reserve Ridden Show Hunter   ne 13.2hds        


Champion-Thorwood Meerkat (Cherie Mills)





Receive a garland & Rug



Uhavta Kesington (Uhavta Stud)




receive a garland & Rug



Naruni Park Matisse (Jodie Jones)




Will receive a Garland & Rug & $50



Champion: Hawkesbury Park Poetry (Kylie Place)



BEST RIDDEN NEWCOMER OF SHOW will receive a Garland & Rug




Champion: Fable Park Keno (Kristy Thompson)







Hamlot Park Royal Quest (Bobby Hammet)



 BEST RIDDEN ASP STUDBOOK will receive a Garland & Rug & $50.00



Champion: Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Murraygold Stud)


Reserve champion: Hawkesbury Park Poetry (Kylie Place)






















         Murraygold stud-Sharyn and Neville Mangan

         Cherie Mills-Palm Park Stud

         Uhavta Stud-Helen Burns ,Maryjane, Alastair and Wentworth Mitton

         Davron Stud-Ford Family

         Fable Park-Gaye, Pug and Kristy Thompson

         Hamlot Park-Bobby and Brett Hamett.




         Ged and Donna Seipolt

         Rebecca Jackson


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PO Box 150


Ph: 02 6869 1627

Fax: 02 6869 1997